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Migration Birds

Around the beginning of spring, birds that winter in southern regions move back to their northern range. Check the bird worldmap to see what birds move where!

Bumble bees awaken

Bumble bees usually wake up first, some times even in February. The mated queen bumble bees establish a nest site during spring. She starts with the incubation of 5 to 15 depressions with several eggs from which her first workers arise.

Place Bumble bee house

You can help the bumble bees now by placing a bumble bee house in your garden! Early spring the queen bumble bee starts looking for a suitable nest site. It has become increasingly difficult for bumble bees to find natural habitats. A bumble bee house is an ideal shelter and nesting site for the busy insects, which also fly out in bad weather in order to find food.

Bats Hibernation

During early October most bat species prepare for hibernation by increasing their body weight by at least one third. They look for suitable places that are unlikely to vary in temperature during hibernation, like caves, cellars and mines.

Hang up birdhouses

Because most birds start looking for suitable nesting sites in the latter half of February, a bird house put up at the end of the winter stands a good chance of attracting nesting birds. However, it is never too early or late to put up a birdhouse. During the winter months birds will use them to shelter or sleep.

Migration Toads

Between mid-February and mid-April toads move from their wintering location to their breeding site.